Hey girl, hey!

I’m Catie.

I’m a woman entrepreneur like you.

Were you a little nercited (nervous and excited) when you started your business?

Remember how you felt when you thought about the idea of growing a business and making some dang good money doing it? And to be able to do it from home?  It was a win/win!  

After all, your family is totally your number one priority.  Right?

But then dinner time rolls around and instead of focusing on those darling little faces that surround the table and listening to the latest story about what happened at recess, your mind is on your business.

Then it’s time for bed. As you put on your PJs and finally close your laptop, you feel overwhelmed thinking of all the things you didn’t get to and all that you need to do while also feeling guilty for not living in the moment with your family.

This is not what you dreamed of the day you took the leap to be a mompreneur, is it?

But don’t you worry sis… this is where I come in.

I’m an expert when it comes to helping women just like you create the business and family life they dream of.

The amount of money you want to make, the wife you want to be, the mom you want to be – all of it!

Instead of continuing where you are, let’s get you where you want to be.

You want to succeed in all the areas at the exact same time and I can show you how to do it.

I have a 6-week program just for you.

In my program, my clients go from feeling overwhelmed, shamed, and disconnected to successful, confident and present in every area of their lives.

Their businesses grow and they’re happier in their family life.

You will find that woman inside of you that you dreamed of being the day you decided to start your business.

The woman that finds balance while crushing goals at work and in the home.

Let’s go find her!

Click below to access my calendar and set up a complimentary coaching call to start finding that business and family balance.

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Grow your business AND be present with your family by following a few simple steps.

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