I’ll help you make more money without sacrificing the kind of wife and mother you want to be.


This entrepreneur life isn’t what you imagined when you started. Your attention is split between your business and your family, and neither are thriving.

You just want to experience financial freedom by working less and still being fully present with your family.

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Starting your own business and working from home isn’t anything like you pictured.

You’re not making the money you hoped you would, your business isn’t growing. Yet you can’t stop thinking about doing more!

When your kids are around you’re constantly telling them to “hold on” as you try to dabble in work.

You go to bed feeling behind in your work and at the same time feel guilty for not being patient or present with your family.


My program is the perfect solution for the mompreneur who wants to experience financial freedom by working less and still being fully present with her family.

I work with my clients to determine why work is always on their mind, and yet their business isn’t growing the way they want it to. We delve into the belief systems they have that are ultimately holding them back from being the wife and mother they want to be. And we uncover what’s keeping them from finding the balance between business and family life.


How Does It Work?


First, we hop on a complimentary coaching call and have a conversation about all the things you are thinking and feeling. I share with you my perspective and how we can get you from where you are to where you want to be in balancing your business and your family.

We’ll discuss continued one-on-one coaching or group coaching and you’ll walk away from the call with a practical tip you can use in your life right away.


What Will I Get?


Once you’ve completed my program, you will have all the tools you need to grow your business as big as you want it. You will walk away feeling confident in your ability to be fully present with your family. You’ll go to bed peacefully without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged and wake up excited for the possibilities that await you that day.


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Grow your business AND be present with your family by following a few simple steps.

Take your business to the next level while still being the kind of wife and mom you want to be. If you want that. I offer that. Click below to access my free worksheet in a short video where I walk you step-by-step.